Wednesday, October 28, 2009 A cool site to bid

Hi All,I am very sure that you all must be knowing, that e bay was the top auction site in the world so far. But, ebay is rather boring auction site as you know. We must bid with the high price and wait until the time reach it's limit. But, there is a site that feel more interesting and as well as more cheaper than ebay. There is BidHere is a good and unique auction site when you want to find what and all you need. Especially for electronic tools. Really a very good opportunity for the auction or the live auction. New ways offered for auction by the You just need to buy some point and you will not believe with what you see in it.

This is an auction room, where the bolt of new products like the Nintendo, Apple i-Pod, win , laptops, some digital SLR cameras and LCD TVs are the daily auction block and sold at very crazy price. What are they? They offer the hottest gadgets and also much more in demand at reasonable prices. That is the latest offering from the new consumer electronics, watches and other consumables from leading manufacturers necessary. The Bidhere is a unique auction on the Internet. But, you can also buy now these item with the normal price.

Like most people, this Bidhere was a very attractive and don't need a lot of internet speed connection. So ,Bidhere is a nice place where products auction Penny as the new Nintendo Wii, Apple i-Pod, leaptops, digital cameras and LCD televisions, which sell at a lower price. Try this and enjoy !
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Monday, July 13, 2009

Nokia 6263

Hi this is the new mobile from NOKIA .This t -mobile had many facilities that will be attractive.The bad news about this mobile is that they still don't have a 3G network available for their customers to use them on. The newest addition to this product line for the missing service is the latest one called Nokia 6263. Eventually, the phone will support 1700MHz UMTS network. The Samsung T 639 was the first phone in this product line. Really a great advantage right ? .It's a clamshell with music features and dedicated controls. It also has stereo Bluetooth, an FM radio, and a micro-SD for added capacity. The phone should be available from T-Mobile any day any where, but they have yet to put a price on this piece. As for the 3G network, we should finally see it roll out early in 2008. That should be just in time for the company to fall behind the rest of the companies again as other companies get their 4G networks rolling strong. Hope you will like this mobile
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Saturday, July 11, 2009


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Friday, July 10, 2009


Misapprehension - mistaken belief...... (Apprehension on GRE means feeling of worry or fear, other meaning for apprehension is understanding which is considered when considering the meaning of misapprehension).

Enervate - weaken; cause someone to feel drained of energy.

Deference - humble respect ..... (Defer means to put something off to a later time; OR humbly give in to....the latter verb form is kept in mind for the meaning of it as noun).

Confound - confuse

Fatuous - silly and pointless..... (adj form of noun fatuity which means foolishness)

Reproach - accuse of; express disapproval of or disappointment with.

Exorcise - drive an evil spirit from a person or place.

Cleave - stick fast to; become strongly involved with; divide or split .... (Cleaver on the other hand is a noun which means a tool with broad blade, used for chopping meat).

Invigoration - give strength.

Decried - publicly declare to be wrong.

Probity - honesty and decency.

Plaintive - sounding sad and mournful.

Complacent - uncritically satified with yourself. e.g - We must not be complacent about our achievements; there is still a lot to be done.

Complaisant - ready to please; obliging.; willing to please others or to accept their behaviour without protest.

Commensurate - corresponding or in proportion.
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

USB Mouse - To monitor your typing speed

Hi every one, Typing can some times get very boring especially if you are working on a long document in your office. Now with this USB Mouse you can have some fun while typing. What you do is simply connect the Mouse to the USB port and start typing your document. The faster you type, the faster he pedals! The LCD display will show how fast you are typing it. Now you can find out who really is the fastest typer in your office! Amazing right ?
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

YouTube, Google Videos & other videos on mobile

Search your favorite video on mobile phone is as easier as desktop PC with Avot mV. It seamlessly searches the video clip you want. watch unlimited number of videos with intuitive user interface. Watch what you want! organize your favorite videos by creating a myFavs playlist of your favorite videos which you can watch anytime you want!
Avot mV offers you a great mobile experience that allows you to search and play your favorite video clips directly,excellently and seamlessly from various video sharing sites. The Avot mV solution allows users to browse through the aggregated video channels and directory of billions of videos from video sharing sites. Also, the users have the option of organizing video playlists using Avot mV making your mobile phone a video jukebox on the go.
You can go to the website and can download the mobile browser and from that browser you can watch videos from all over the internet. you can organise your playlists,favourites etc here using the mobile browser.
More over Avot.mV is free to use. The download charges purely depends on your network provider.other than that there will be no charges from Avot.mV, it's cool right?
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Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Squircle

Oh, this is the Squircle. Not only the product with the lowest score on the, but the product one we felt less love for than all our televisions editor feels for his PC. This MP3 player, is complete with zero megabytes of internal memory and lump of design, had the power to sit on shelves asking for money.

This MP3 player uses some SD cards to store music. If you don't, don't shout just yet. While an MP3 player running on removable media sounds moderately useful, bear in your mind it sounds about as pleasant as a baby seal being clubbed to the death. Why such a product even exists is utterly beyond our combined comprehension.This is one among the terrifying tech products for the past 100 years .Meet you soon with another cool terrible tech product..bye

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fujitsu Siemens thinks green

Hi friends , the Siemens is currently working on a prototype 22″ LCD monitor that comes with built-in solar panels working in tandem with a capacitor and special relay to reduce power usage when on standby. Heck, theoretically it ought to be able to operate in zero consumption mode for five days on standby. When it is active, this prototype LCD monitor takes up a mere 0.6-0.9W of electricity. Fujitsu Siemens is hoping that this new green technology will be used in TVs too, as it prepares to do some roll out with an improved, consumer-ready version of its prototype sometime in Q2 2008.
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Friday, July 3, 2009


The BEST: The Palm Centro sheds some of the weight and bulk of Palm Treo to make for a more compact smartphone. It also carries an attractive price tag and offers a lot for the money, including Bluetooth, EV-DO support, push e-mail, and a suite of productivity apps.

The WORST: The Centro's QWERTY keyboard is extremely cramped and the hardware feels a bit toylike. The phone's speaker is on the weaker side, and it lacks Wi-Fi.

The bottom line: The Palm Centro isn't the innovative product we were looking for from the company, but with its slimmer size, ease of use, and affordable price tag, the Centro is a good option for those looking for their first smartphone.

Specs: OS provided: Palm OS 5.4.9; Wireless connectivity: IrDA,; Bluetooth; Talk time: 210 min
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Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Hi all, It may have some competition for the title, but Taiwan's Misumi seems willing to take its own chances and has gone out and also claimed that its new MO-R803 camera is, in fact, the world's smallest. While that distinction seems unlikely to stick for long, the camera is certainly tiny, measuring just 4.4 mm in diameter and 15 mm in length, with a cool bendable "snake" attached to it to keep you from losing it. Of course, you all will have to make do with a 320x240 resolution, but you will get your choice of standard or wide-angle lenses. No words on what it costs, but those willing to order 'em in bulk it can apparently get in touch with Misumi for a quote. So try this once.
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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

WHITE HAT HACKERS..............

Hackers that use their hacking skills for good are referred to as "white hat" hackers. Often referred to as Ethical Hackers, these non-criminal hackers are hired by companies to examine and test the integrity of their systems. Other white hat hackers, operate without company permission by bending but not breaking the laws and int progress have created some very cool features. This article examines and selects the Five Best Non-Criminal Hackers and the innovations and technologies that they have developed:

1. Stephen Wozniak

Nicknamed Woz, he is often referred to as the other Steve of Apple. Wozniak and Steve Jobs, co-founded Apple Computer. Woz started his hacking making blue boxes, which are devices that bypass telephone switching mechanisms enabling users to make free long distance calls. Woz and Jobs sold these blue boxes to their classmates in college and even used a blue box to call the Pope while pretending to be Henry Kissinger.

Wozniak dropped out of college and invented the compute that made him famous. Jobs had the idea to sell the computer as a fully assembled PC board. The idea was conceived and developed in Jobs garage. Wozniak and Jobs sold the first 100 of the Apple I to a local dealer for $666.66 each.

Woz currently focuses on philanthropy and no longer works full time for Apple. "Wozniak 'adopted' the Los Gatos School District, providing students and teachers with hands-on teaching and donations of state-of-the-art technology equipment."

2. Tim Berners-Lee

Berners-Lee is credited with being the inventor of the World Wide Web. Berners-Lee has been honored with numerous recognitions incuding the Millennium Technology Prize.

Berners-Lee was first caught hacking access codes with a friend while a student at Oxford University. He was then banned from the University computers.

Berners-Lee realized that hypertext could be joined with the Internet. Berners-Lee recounts how he put them together: "I just had to take the hypertext idea and connect it to the TCP and DNS ideas and – ta-da! – the World Wide Web."

Since his creation of the World Wide Web, Berners-Lee founded the World Wide Web Consortium at MIT. The W3C describes itself as "an international consortium where Member organizations, a full-time staff and the public work together to develop Web standards." Berners-Lee's World Wide Web idea, as well as standards from the W3C, is distributed freely with no patent or royalties due.

3. Linus Torvalds

Torvalds fathered Linux, the very popular Unix-based operating system. He calls himself "an engineer," and has said that his aspirations are simple, "I just want to have fun making the best damn operating system I can."

Torvalds got his start in computers with a Commodore VIC-20, an 8-bit home computer. He then moved on to a Sinclair QL. Wikipedia reports that he modified the Sinclair "extensively, especially its operating system." Specifically, Torvalds hacks included "an assembler and a text editor…as well as a few games."

Torvalds created the Linux kernel in 1991, using the Minix operating system as inspiration. He started with a task switcher in Intel 80386 assembly and a terminal driver. After that, he put out a call for others to contribute code, which they did. Currently, only about 2 percent of the current Linux kernel is written by Torvalds himself. The success of this public invitation to contribute code for Linux is touted as one of the most prominent examples of free/open source software.

Currently, Torvalds serves as the Linux ringleader, coordinating the code that volunteer programmers contribute to the kernel. He has had an asteroid named after him and received honorary doctorates from Stockholm University and University of Helsinki. He was also featured in Time Magazine's "60 Years of Heroes."

4. Richard Stallman

Stallman's fame derives from the GNU Project, which he founded to develop a free operating system. For this, he's known as the father of free software. His "Serious Bio" asserts, "Non-free software keeps users divided and helpless, forbidden to share it and unable to change it. A free operating system is essential for people to be able to use computers in freedom."

Stallman, who prefers to be called rms, got his start hacking at MIT. He worked as a "staff hacker" on the Emacs project and others. He was a critic of restricted computer access in the lab. When a password system was installed, Stallman broke it down, resetting passwords to null strings, then sent users messages informing them of the removal of the password system.

Stallman's crusade for free software started with a printer. At the MIT lab, he and other hackers were allowed to modify code on printers so that they sent convenient alert messages. However, a new printer came along – one that they were not allowed to modify. It was located away from the lab and the absence of the alerts presented an inconvenience. It was at this point that he was "convinced…of the ethical need to require free software."

With this inspiration, he began work on GNU. Stallman wrote an essay, "The GNU Project," in which he recalls choosing to work on an operating system because it's a foundation, "the crucial software to use a computer." At this time, the GNU/Linux version of the operating system uses the Linux kernel started by Torvalds. GNU is distributed under "copyleft," a method that employs copyright law to allow users to use, modify, copy and distribute the software.

Stallman's life continues to revolve around the promotion of free software. He works against movements like Digital Rights Management (or as he prefers, Digital Restrictions Management) through organizations like Free Software Foundation and League for Programming Freedom. He has received extensive recognition for his work, including awards, fellowships and four honorary doctorates.

5. Tsutomu Shimomura

Shimomura reached fame in an unfortunate manner: he was hacked by Kevin Mitnick. Following this personal attack, he made it his cause to help the FBI capture him.

Shimomura's work to catch Mitnick is commendable, but he is not without his own dark side. Author Bruce Sterling recalls: "He pulls out this AT&T cellphone, pulls it out of the shrinkwrap, finger-hacks it, and starts monitoring phone calls going up and down Capitol Hill while an FBI agent is standing at his shoulder, listening to him."

Shimomura out-hacked Mitnick to bring him down. Shortly after finding out about the intrusion, he rallied a team and got to work finding Mitnick. Using Mitnick's cell phone, they tracked him near Raleigh-Durham International Airport. The article, "SDSC Computer Experts Help FBI Capture Computer Terrorist" recounts how Shimomura pinpointed Mitnick's location. Armed with a technician from the phone company, Shimomura "used a cellular frequency direction-finding antenna hooked up to a laptop to narrow the search to an apartment complex." Mitnick was arrested shortly thereafter. Following the pursuit, Shimomura wrote a book about the incident with journalist John Markoff, which was later turned into a movie.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009


Hi friends how are you all? hope you all are fine .... When i was surfing around the web , i came to know about a cool gadget called openframe ....... So what's Openframe ? If you are a landline user and if you get bored with your old landline ,then here comes the openframe landline phone with some cool 3G facilities and other Iphone features .... This phone includes the features same as that of the APPLE Iphone.... The OpenFrame made its debut at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco. There is no word on the availability of the OpenFrame, but the word is the price will be somewhere along the line of $200 to $300. The OpenFrame made its debut at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco. There is no word on the availability of the OpenFrame, but the word is the price will be somewhere along the line of $200 to $300.
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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sony Ericcson W960i.......... a music phone player

Sony Ericsson has made a lot of improvement on its products; a 3.2MP camera is being a standard to its entire product. Sony Ericsson W960 Walkman® music phone, which is available for WiFi support, is a walkman version of Sony Ericsson P1i smart phone. Sony Ericsson W960 Walkman® phone will be available in Vinyl Black from Q4 2007.

Sony Ericsson W960i Walkman®: Music Marathon Player Phone

Sony Ericsson W960 Walkman® comes in a super stylish vinyl black colored casing. Sony Ericsson W960 Walkman® is definitely a music phone with 3G capability support, fully provides users with high-speed technology and highest quality music features. I am very impressed with its features, touch display and 8GB memory. Imagine it; you can put all your favorites’ music inside this phone.

The Sony Ericsson W series has a popular range name, which is adored by all music loving cell phone users, Sony Ericsson call this feature as Walkman® feature, that fully focusing its products for music maniacs. You can do your music marathon up to 700 albums (about 8,000 songs can be stored on the 8GB memory of the Sony Ericsson W960 Walkman®). You can easily manage your own tracks, transfer up to 1GB of data in less than 3 minutes from your PC to the cell phone.

Sony Ericsson W960i Walkman®: Advantage Features for Music Maniac

Sony Ericsson W960 Walkman® comes with the new Stereo Bluetooth™ Headset HBH-DS220; you can dance much more than the night away. Music companion is a standard for all Sony Ericsson W series, which is definitely makes it user enjoy a truly portable and fun music experience.

Sony Ericsson W960 Walkman® also comes with a useful music feature, which is supporting music recognition feature know as TrackID™. TrackID™ is powered by Gracenote mobile music, this feature is quick and easy use that allows the user to record a few seconds worth of a song that they like, and then will be sent to TrackID™ which will provide the user with the name of the song, artist or band name and the album name within a few seconds.

Sony Ericsson W960 Walkman® also comes with PlayNow™ feature, which is allowing it user to buy or audition ring tones in three clicks of a key, which is the fastest way to download the latest ring tones to their cell phone.

Mega Bass™, which is the feature that allows the Sony Ericsson W960 Walkman®’s user to enjoy high quality bass frequencies through the cell phone’s speakers or when using the headphones. Finally, Sony Ericsson W960 Walkman® includes Disc2Phone software, which allows its user to drag and drop music transfer from their CD’s to their handset.

Sony Ericsson W960i Walkman® specs include :

• Tri Band: UMTS 2100-GSM/GPRS 900/1800/1900 connectivity
• 2.6 inch screen - 240×320 PX, 262K color display (touch screen)
• 3.2MP camera auto focus, 3x digital zoom, photo light, video recording
• Walkman® Music Player, Mega Bass™, TrackID™, PlayNow™, FM Radio RDS, Bluetooth® Stereo (A2DP)
• Java™ Games, 3D Games, Embedded Games, Downloadable Games
• 3G, Bluetooth®, USB, WLAN
• Internet: Opera™ Web Browser, RSS Feeds
• 8GB internal memory phone
• Size: 109 x 55 x 16 mm
• Weight: 119 gram
• Ring tone types: Polyphonic, MP3, AAC
• 9 hours talk time, 370 hours standby
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009



The long-awaited Apple iPhone, which hits store shelves on June 29, marks Apple's formal entry into the cell phone world.It's a phone with an ipod or an ipod with a phone. Steve Jobs announced the iPhone at Macworld 2007 to a frenzied reception and the handset has continued to attract wide interest since then. A full iPod MP3 player with a wide screen, the iPhone also packs in a version of OS X, true push e-mail via Yahoo Mail (plus compatibility with your office e-mail), a 2-megapixel camera(but 5 mpx cameras were introduced in mobiles already), and a 3.5-inch display with higher resolution than any current iPod. But with only one physical controller and only a touch screen for a keypad, some critics predict that the iPhone will be harder to use than fans might like. The iPhone will be available in 4GB and 8GB configurations for $499 and $599, respectively, and will be carried by AT&T starting on June 29, 2007.

The iPhone, as Jobs proudly dubbed the device to thunderous applause, will be three devices in one: a cell phone, a wide-screen iPod with touch controls, and an Internet communications device. Cingular is the lucky carrier (apparently the companies have patched up their relationship following the Motorola Rokr bust).

As usual with Apple gear, the iPhone breaks some design boundaries. Say goodbye to traditional cell phone buttons-the iPhone is all touch screen, all the time. With only one hardware control (a "home" key), iPhone's real estate is dominated by a huge, 3.5-inch display. From what we call tell, the device looks beautiful with a resolution of 320x480x160 pixels per inch (the highest iPod resolution yet, according to Jobs). The videos and photos look great, and we love that the "smart" screen shifts automatically to a landscape orientation when you start to play a video. One giant touch screen controls the phone, and no stylus is needed. Use your fingers to type messages and e-mails on an onscreen keyboard--Jobs promises onscreen typing will be faster than on a standard smart-phone keypad, but we'll believe that theory when we actually get a device in our hands.

Of course, such a large display makes for a large phone: the iPhone measures 4.5x2.4x0.46 inches. No, it won't slide into smaller pockets, but it joins the similarly sized Palm Treo 750, and its weight (4.8 ounces) is mostly standard for a handset of this size. Of course, the slim profile is noteworthy as well. We're a tad surprised Apple has jumped on the thin phone bandwagon, but trim design, after all, is the cell phone trend of the day. As Jobs made clear, iPhone is thinner than both the Motorola Q and the Samsung BlackJack.
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Pen-shaped wireless mouse

There is no need for explaining the importance of mouse as a controlling device to any PC user. It is hard to imagine that there may be an alternative to this well-known device that we have got accustomed to. Yet, it's not the fact that the traditional shape of the mouse is the most convenient and also an efficient one. Thus, some designers think that there is a possibility to change the way mouse looks.
The proposed gadget being a wireless mouse looks like a standard pen. Actually this unique control device functions as a simple pen as well enabling you to put down everything you want, but when you de tach the receiver and insert it into your own USB port ,the pen functions as a mouse.
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Saturday, June 20, 2009


Never mind if you don’t have a computer or notebook at the moment and yet want to share tunes on your iPod with a friend. The iPod, not being a Zune and hence does not have wireless capability to transfer tunes to another iPod, has this tool to help it out.
It automatically recognizes when you plug in iPods (either Mac or PC formatting) on either end, and it can transfer a three-minute song in five seconds and a 30-minute video in three minutes. The device can also transfer any files when the iPods are set to “disk drive” mode. Its rechargeable battery provides up to 1 1/2 hours of operation during transfers, and includes an AC adapter that recharges the device in four hours; iPods are recharged while connected. Songs transferred with digital rights management (DRM) formatting require appropriate iTunes password and authorization.
Hammacher is carrying this for $99.95.
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Friday, June 19, 2009


The Safe Type Mouse provides the same neutral, thumbs up, hand shake position as the Safe Type Keyboard. This revolutionary product allows all of the muscles of the hand, arm and shoulder to effectively relax. Most users feel an instant relief when switching to this Safe Type Mouse. Available in Right Hand model only. Used together, the Safe Type Keyboard and the Safe Type Mouse. This will provide the most desirable ergonomic combination possible. The Scientific EMG measurement of muscle activity demonstrates a substantial reduction in stresses on all of the involved muscle groups and tendons. Buy this mouse and enjoy the gaming .
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Monday, June 15, 2009

Nikon D80 Digital SLR Camera Review - It's First Impressions

Basic Specifications
Resolution: 10.20 Megapixels
Kit Lens: 7.50x zoom
(27-203mm eq.)
Viewfinder: Optical
LCD Size: 2.5 inch
ISO: 100-3200
Shutter: 30-1/4000
Max Aperture: 3.5
Mem Type: SDHC / SD
Battery: Custom LiIon
Dimensions: 5.2x4.1x3.0in
Weight: 20.6 oz
(585 g)
MSRP: $1,000
Availability: 09/2006
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Sunday, June 14, 2009


A year never goes by without someone inventing something hilariously useless. Over the next ten pages, we'll take you on a guided tour of disastrous tech products, the gadgets and concepts we felt really surpassed themselves in being utterly crapulous. Many of these travesties aimed to reinvent the wheel, but were plagued by huge dollops of fail. Speaking of which...

Sinclair C5
Despite being an electric vehicle that respected the environment, the Sinclair C5 was a prodigious commercial flop. This battery- and pedal-powered three-wheeler was ahead of its time -- it was the first electric vehicle designed for mass production. Sadly it sucked beyond belief.

When released in January 1985, the C5 cost £399, back when the average house price in the UK was about £31,000. Designed by Sir Clive Sinclair, it was essentially a battery-assisted tricycle with handlebars for steering. Perhaps one of the reasons it never took off as a mode of transport was that its top speed was a crappy 15mph -- just twice the speed of one of those electric mobility scooters for old people.

Total sales figures vary from source to source, but the average is about 15,000 units sold. The main problems of the C5 include the fact that the driver was exposed to the weather, cold weather shortened its battery life -- well done launching it in January, Sir Clive -- the seat-to-pedal distance was unchangeable, there were no gears and it overheated going up hills. Uselessness of the highest order.

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Nikon D80 Digital SLR Camera

Hi all, The cool Nikon D80 has an 10.2 effective megapixel CCD sensor. It also has an automatic ISO mode which automatically adjusts the light sensitivity from ISO 100 to ISO 1600 giving cool and some excellent results in all light conditions. Like all digital cameras, it has seven different modes including Auto, Portrait, Landscape, Close Up, Sports, Night Landscape and Night Portrait) etc , for different situations.

Photo of a Skating Rink taken with Nikon D80 Digital SLR Camera

Photo of a Street Beggar taken with Nikon D80 Digital SLR Camera

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


People all around the globe (maybe with a few exceptions) try to find a Wii - and as Christmas is coming, more desperately than ever - but Wii availability is still to low.

Back in April 2007 Nintendo made the estimation of 14m Wii consoles for yearly shipment but they raised it up to 17.5m units.

They will be shipping another 3.5m units globally for Christmas.

Nevertheless the company declared that it will not be guaranteed that every willing buyer will get his Wii this Christmas.

Here are some quotes of Nintendo spokesmen:

"The demand for Wii hardware globally has been unprecedented and higher than Nintendo could ever have anticipated..."

"Nintendo is now in a position in which seasonality demand trends are being broken, therefore the demand for Wii hardware is constant throughout the whole year globally. Due to this phenomenon it is possible that the demand for Wii hardware may outstrip supply,"

Also there are rumors about the reasons for Nintendos shortage in Wii supply, Nintendo declares to do everything possible to satisfy the demand:

"The video games market is a fiercely competitive one and it is not in our interest to withhold stock from anyone"

Well, it seems there will be many dissapointed buyers that suffer from low Wii availabiltiy...

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Monday, June 1, 2009

The HARMONY 1000.......a cool gadget

Logitech introduces a cool gadget "harmony 1000" which is also called as an "advanced universal remote",which has a touch screen and can control upto 15 components which includes television,gaming,lights ,dvd and home appliances. it involves a simplesetup with your pc and can direct every thing in your home . it's cool right .
Also harmony 1000 includes 3.5" touch screen from which you can command anything in your can also work with it's cool
It costs around Rs. 27,500 and it looks so cheaper as all these settings by any other method will cost around 2 lakhs ($5000)
So buy it and enjoy
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Rubik’s Cube MP3 Player

The RUBIX had came up with a cool mp3 player called Cube mp3 player which is in the shape of a cube. This player is simply amazing and cool. This cube mp3 player is having a small speaker at the top and some cool features in it . With the memory of 2 GB in it and with advanced codecs this seems to provide some cool ipod quality audio. Hope it will rock
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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mustek Unveils a cool Digital Video Camera

Hi friends , The Mustek consumer electronics DV300T is the newest digital video camera joining the D-V series. The DV 300T is a 6 in 1 Multi-Functional Video Camera which acts as a Digital Cam-corder, Digital Still Camera, Digital Voice Recorder,Music Player, a Card Reader and also a Text Reader.

Mustek Dv 300T features a 3.1 Mega Pixel Interpolated Resolution by Security Standard VGA Sensor, 8 x dital zoom and 2.0″ LT-PS LCD. It comes with Digital Image Stabilization to provide some cool and clearer video recording caused by shaky hand. A 64 Mb ram internal ram is included and can expand by adding a SD card to its SD slot. No price and availability is known yet. Hope this gadget will rock you all !

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Micro Stainless Steel Digital Camcorder...a cool gadget

steel_camcorder.jpgI would love to take more videos, but all the video cameras I’ve ever used are too bulky and heavy to handle for more than a few minutes. Thank goodness for new technology!!!

Think Geek offers the Micro Stainless Steel Digital Camcorder. It is TINY. It fits snugly in the palm of your hand and weighs a mere 179g (apx. 6.3oz). It’s also performs well as a regular digital camera with it’s 5.4 megapixel capabilities. (See full specifications below)

Videos/Photos are stored on an SD memory card (not included) but you can use up to a 4GB SD card which will hold more than enough of your photos and videos.

Pick one up over at Think Geek for $199.99.

Product Features:

  • Stainless Steel Camcorder fits in the palm of your hand, shoots DVD quality video and takes 5.4 MP photos.
  • Outer case is constructed from solid stainless steel
  • High Resolution (600 x 425) 2.5 Inch LTPS LCD display
  • DVD quality video with resolution up to 720×480 at 30fps. MPEG4 Video Format.
  • Videos and photos are stored on removable SD cards (not included)
  • Camera has 64MB built in storage and supports up to 4GB SD cards
  • Built in flash and 8X digital zoom
  • Optional digital image stabilization
  • Included rechargeable LI battery lasts for hours of video recording and recharges via USB
  • Plug in camera via USB and easily download photos and videos to your computer (PC, Mac, Linux)
  • Included Windows software allows you to convert your videos for playback on iPod PSP or Cell Phone
  • Connect to any standard TV for video and photo playback with included RCA cables
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Saturday, May 16, 2009


Eletric band aids

There’s a new generation of bandages coming that accelerates healing using electric fields. This is one of those themes or technologies is called as HealFast which is specifically design for diabetic patients.often experience chronic ulcers and pressure sores so a new bandage had to be designed to address those issues. This HealFast can be applied with just one hand. Place the pad on the wound,press down and peel off the surrounding paper guard. This activates an electric charge that generates a very weak energy field. This field prevents the infection in the surrounding tissues so the body can concentrate on sealing it.It's very cool.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009


Would you like a miniature humanoid robot to imitate all your daily activities?

Then here it is. The i-SOBOT is a toy robot that will perform all your commands and is able to react in unpredictable, yet amusing and interesting ways. Its abilities vary from carrying your beer can to shooting an arrow and even shooting a hand made bazooka at a pre-determined target. The amazing thing is its wonderful precision.


This 6.5 inch robot is a remote controlled one and also reacts to your programmed voice commands. The first time I saw the video, I laughed at this little thing i-sobot. It actually seems as if the robot is craving some attention and in order to get it will do anything that may normally embarrass any of us.

You may read additional specification or even view some official demos at their site. If you are looking to get one of these robots for yourself, it is available at Amazon for approximately $200.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Nikon announces new COOLPIX S52

Hi friends, The Nikon announced it's new COOLPIX S52 and S52c digital cameras. Both these cameras come with a 9-mega pixel with a 3x zoom lens, ISO up to 3200, Optical lens shift vibration reduction, 3-inch LCD screen and 4cm Macro. The S52 and S52c can capture 640 x 480 videos. They have 38-inch internal memory, and support SD/SDHC memory cards. The only difference between the two cameras is that S52c comes with built-in Wi-Fi support. Hope this will help you to fulfill your photography skills. !
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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Optimus Tactus keyboard ....

Hmmm.... After a big tour to northern parts of India , i am back to blogging with a cool stuff to share.....
Yeah, you thought that the Optimus Maximus was the holy grail of keyboarding . Then you saw the Optimus Tactus, a giant touch sensor display tablet -keyboard that could do all the sorts of crazy stuff the Maximus can't even touch, like playing movies and being a gigantic color swatch. It's really amazing. That is, if it weren't a concept. The only thing we don't get: the name. Tactus? Touch-sensitive does not exactly shout tactility to us, but since it's all just theoretical at this point, maybe by the time keyboards like this exist we'll all be typing on shape-shifting tactile membranes overlaid on touchscreens. That is, if Apple's patents haven't already blocked every one else off from going there. I wanna buy this one soon.....
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Electrolux Dishwasher !

Hi all, after a long gap ,i am here to share with you all something that is cool and really good to read out. I am going to share with you all a cool gadget that is really cool to handle. It would appear that there is a cool as well as another way to clean the dishes with a concept device known as the Electrolux Wind Washer. It does this by using natural air and the UV rays for cleaning. So far , it is made for two plates only. In the future it may develop into a size of handling many. Let's wait and see.
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Thursday, May 7, 2009


Hi all , my dear friends ,Now you can have soccer playing, dancing salsa fighter robot. The Kondo robot KHR-2 HV has improved its looks taking up a more Robocop-ish style. Its features are much more robust and curved then the square-like head the previous one had. And this pretty, very entertaining little robot can be yours for just $152. And there’s not one of us who didn’t want his or her own robot when growing up.

You can also buy him a couple of soccer strips to make the whole thing more real. They only cost $10 each. Now go on and buy yourself a little robotic friend.

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Monday, May 4, 2009


This is a cool gadget released in 1991, the amazing Bar code Battler which was up against legendary hand held gaming devices such as the Sega Game Gear and the well known Nintendo Game Boy. By contrast with these cool design classics, the Battler had extremely basic graphics and advanced digital audio, and it was a bloody nightmare to play with.

Those console engaged players in a rudimentary fighting game. Fights were displayed not as characters,also not even as little two dimensional blokes running about, but as many numbers on a screen. The basic idea was to use special barcode-equipped cards or even barcodes from everyday products through the game console's card reader. This gadget added your fighter to the battle. Repeating the process with an enemy card added your cool opponent.

What happens next to it? Well, check out the superb video above from Dr Ashen It's incredible that this never caught on. terrible inventions right ?

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Saturday, May 2, 2009


Shure, the Chicago based audio electronics company announced the economically priced earphones, recently. Similar products from competing companies cost anywhere between $200 and $500 in the market. Shure has moved from the professional-only image to the consumer space, and seems to be making hay while the sun is still shining.

The Shure SE110 Sound Isolating Earphones look rather large; it could’ve been made smaller, but that would add to the cost. It looks very good though. It’s mostly black, with a few tinges of white, and will match just about any compatible device you use. Not many earphones deserve such compliments of match-and-contrast. Shure’s trademark-like popularity or legacy, as you would want to call it, continues – with the deep ear design. Sound Isolation? You bet, and it works great.

If you’ve used Shure’s SE series earphones before, then this one will come off as easy as others. The design and the package (overall) are very similar to the previous models. This means that you may not want to, or even need to, read through the manual again. Anyway, do read it. It comes along for a good reason.

Shure EarphonesThe bass is a little weak, and for the bass freaks, that’s a let down. Lows, mids and highs are reasonably good. Listening to vocals was a breeze and they were setting the pulse and the tempo right. The softer ones will sound great with this one, and even the distant notes can be heard very clearly. Although you can’t expect Iron Maiden to get you breaking your neck with the relatively weak bass, the performance is pretty satisfactory. So, if you’re into rock and metal, maybe you can wait until Shure’s future models to release according to your preferences. It seems like they were designer with the soft listener in mind.

To add to it, you get a small kit, which comes with some cleaning component and loads of foam sleeves and custom flanges. They’re easy to use and comfortable in hands of just about any size. It’s evident that Shure sure knows the doorway to musical hearts.

Our final verdict: Go buy a pair of Shure SE110 Sound Isolating Earphones, and throw your old ones in the dustbin, unless you value it more than your life. Do this, if you decide not to listen to the heavy bass-y music anymore.

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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Hi friends today we got to come across the reviews on the digital camera nikon d80:
The budding photographer with this cam says:

I am at a whole loss of words for this Nikon D80. With this camera, i am now able to shoot many professional looking photos, without even trying ,or much focussing! This camera is extremely easy to use, even for someone who has never used a digital cam . It has so many pre-set modes, that you can practically shoot in any light conditions , using one of the photo modes. The Nikon D80 has some neat built-in. You can crop, brighten, sharpen photos right on the LCD screen without even having to transfer them to your computer! All in all it is a terrific and is a benchmark for , another 10 megapixel camera. The Nikon D80 is a very , hard product to beat and has brought professional looking photography in the hands of a an ameuture like me. I love the Nikon D80 and i will highly recommend it to anyone looking for an entry to mid level SLR camera.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009


Hi friends ,The Limited Edition HTC Touch PDA phones designed by Nicholas are being auctioned on eBay, and the proceeds will go to the Children’s Cancer Foundation in Singapore. HTC will only ship to an address in Singapore.


  • Windows Mobile 6 Pro
  • WiFi Stereo
  • Bluetooth
  • MicroSD port (512MB included, 4GB max)
  • 2 Megapixel camera
  • 4.0” x 2.4” x 0.6”, 4 ounces
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MobiBLU Unveils Cube3 MP3 player

The MobiBLU has unveiled the Cube3 MP3 player sporting a 2GB of storage and supports for MP3 and WMA files, compatibility with PlaysForSure content and OLED display. It comes with podcast software and packs in a range of features such as an FM -radio, FM scheduling, voice recording, and a customizable equalizer; supports OGG and subscription tracks.It includes dual UMS and MTP transfer modes. It will be available from May 1st for $99.
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Saturday, April 25, 2009


OptiWind Mouse

My office tends to get a bit warm, as it’s on the second floor of my house and has several PCs running at any given time. I do my best to keep it cool so as not to risk damage to any of my hardware. However, when it does get a bit warm and I’ve been working for several straight hours, my mousing hand tends to get a bit sweaty. Which is why I think this OptiWind Mouse looks rather appealing.

That OptiWind seems like your average wired optical mouse. What sets it apart is the built-in cooling fan. The holes on the top of the mouse are to allow air to blow on your hand, keeping it nice and cool. There is a manual control for the fan, so it doesn’t have to be on at all times.

Despite the cool blue LED lights, this mouse doesn’t actually look all that attractive. I’m a sucker for good-looking peripherals, so I’ll probably pass on this one. If you’re not quite as picky as I, then you’re welcome to pick one up for just $22

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Thursday, April 23, 2009


The most massive known black hole in the universe has been discovered, weighing in with the mass of 18 billion Suns. Observing the orbit of a smaller black hole around this monster has allowed astronomers to test Einstein's theory of general relativity with stronger gravitational fields than ever before.

The black hole is about six times as massive as the previous record holder and in fact weighs as much as a small galaxy. It lurks 3.5 billion light years away, and forms the heart of a quasar called OJ287. A quasar is an extremely bright object in which matter spiralling into a giant black hole emits copious amounts of radiation.

But rather than hosting just a single colossal black hole, the quasar appears to harbour two – a setup that has allowed astronomers to accurately 'weigh' the larger one.

The smaller black hole, which weighs about 100 million Suns, orbits the larger one on an oval-shaped path every 12 years. It comes close enough to punch through the disc of matter surrounding the larger black hole twice each orbit, causing a pair of outbursts that make OJ287 suddenly brighten.

The General relativity predicts that the smaller hole's orbit itself should rotate, or precess, over time, so that the point at which it comes nearest its neighbour moves around in space – an effect seen in Mercury's orbit around the Sun, albeit on a smaller scale.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ultimate Style Steel MP4 player watch

This cool ultimate Steel MP4 player watch comes with 8GB of built-in flash memory. It is made entirely from the stainless steel and features a 1.8 inch color TFT LCD screen with a 160×128 resolution, capable of displaying videos at 20 Frames /sec. Also includes a cool voice recorder ,multiple OSD languages to choose from, a built-in high quality speaker as well as a earphone jack, the ability to view JPEG pictures and listen to music at the same time
Features are:
Video Format:- MTV
Conversion formats:- AVI, MP4, WMV, ASF, MPG, MPEG, DAT, RM, MOV
Music Format:- MP3, WMA, WAV
Record Format:- WAV
Picture Display Format:- JPEG, BMP
Bit rate:- 32~320Kbps
Built-in Watch
Digital Time Display
24 Hour Style Time
Time/ -Date/ Day Display
Adjustable Time (including Sec)/ Date/ Day/ Time Zone
Earphone Jack:- 2.5mm
Built-in Speaker
Languages:- English, Chinese, Portuguese, French, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, German, Italian, Polish
USB:- 2.0
Power Source:- Built-in Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Dimension:- Watch Face- 45×55×13mm (LxWxD)
Equalizer Mode
Music Tempo Rate Adjust
Selectable High/Normal/Low Quality MIC Recording
Speaker On/Off
JPEG Picture Viewing possible While playing music.
Text Format E-Book Reader

The Ultimate Style 8GB Steel Watch is priced at $85.71.
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

IronKey Secure USB drive

Hi friends ,the IronKey unveiled a higher-capacity version of its secure flash drive. Like all IronKey USB drives, the 8GB version features military-grade encryption software. The newest IronKey comes pre-loaded with portable Firefox, Iron Key Password Manager, RSA Secure ID and a Secure Sessions service. The included software allows for secure web browsing that works like an instant and portable V-P-N.

The IronKey is to protect the data in it. If more than 10 attempts are made at cracking the user-selected password, the encrypted data on the key will be erased with the integrated Flash Trash technology. The potted metal casing is stamped with a serial number while physical abuse is dealt with a MIL-STD-810F standard rating that certifies it as resistant to dust, shocks and splashes. use it and enjoy !!

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Buffalo RUFF2-FHS: -Secure Your Data on the Go

Hi all, Buffalo has unveiled a new USB drive with built fingerprint security.It is Available from 512MB up to 8GB, with AES 256bit hardware encryption to encrypt your data on the go. Buffalo RUFF2-FHS offers less than 0.001% false acceptance and less than 1% invalid rejection rates on this biometric protection flash drive. So No pricing info at the time of writing, however, it should be at the end of this month. Try to use this and get benefited.
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Monday, April 20, 2009


Hi this is a real cool stuff for gadget lovers. Ever since the Apple iPhone was released all over the world,it has been criticized for the lack of it's video recording capabilities. Or so it was until today as a third party solution seems to be just around it's corner.

The guy from the Monster and his Friends has just posted a working beta of an application that can actually create some cool videos using the iPhone's 2 MP camera. What is even more exiting than this is the fact that the videos can be captured at 2 megapixel resolution. Yeah, you heard that right -the 2 megapixel resolution.

So now however the frame rate is quite low achieving the miserly 10 fps but this is not a surprise as at this stage the application is more proof of concept than some thing really useful. The author however promises that even videos of 40 to 45 fps could actually be captured with next versions of this software. Hope it will rock

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