Monday, July 13, 2009

Nokia 6263

Hi this is the new mobile from NOKIA .This t -mobile had many facilities that will be attractive.The bad news about this mobile is that they still don't have a 3G network available for their customers to use them on. The newest addition to this product line for the missing service is the latest one called Nokia 6263. Eventually, the phone will support 1700MHz UMTS network. The Samsung T 639 was the first phone in this product line. Really a great advantage right ? .It's a clamshell with music features and dedicated controls. It also has stereo Bluetooth, an FM radio, and a micro-SD for added capacity. The phone should be available from T-Mobile any day any where, but they have yet to put a price on this piece. As for the 3G network, we should finally see it roll out early in 2008. That should be just in time for the company to fall behind the rest of the companies again as other companies get their 4G networks rolling strong. Hope you will like this mobile
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Saturday, July 11, 2009


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Friday, July 10, 2009


Misapprehension - mistaken belief...... (Apprehension on GRE means feeling of worry or fear, other meaning for apprehension is understanding which is considered when considering the meaning of misapprehension).

Enervate - weaken; cause someone to feel drained of energy.

Deference - humble respect ..... (Defer means to put something off to a later time; OR humbly give in to....the latter verb form is kept in mind for the meaning of it as noun).

Confound - confuse

Fatuous - silly and pointless..... (adj form of noun fatuity which means foolishness)

Reproach - accuse of; express disapproval of or disappointment with.

Exorcise - drive an evil spirit from a person or place.

Cleave - stick fast to; become strongly involved with; divide or split .... (Cleaver on the other hand is a noun which means a tool with broad blade, used for chopping meat).

Invigoration - give strength.

Decried - publicly declare to be wrong.

Probity - honesty and decency.

Plaintive - sounding sad and mournful.

Complacent - uncritically satified with yourself. e.g - We must not be complacent about our achievements; there is still a lot to be done.

Complaisant - ready to please; obliging.; willing to please others or to accept their behaviour without protest.

Commensurate - corresponding or in proportion.
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

USB Mouse - To monitor your typing speed

Hi every one, Typing can some times get very boring especially if you are working on a long document in your office. Now with this USB Mouse you can have some fun while typing. What you do is simply connect the Mouse to the USB port and start typing your document. The faster you type, the faster he pedals! The LCD display will show how fast you are typing it. Now you can find out who really is the fastest typer in your office! Amazing right ?
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

YouTube, Google Videos & other videos on mobile

Search your favorite video on mobile phone is as easier as desktop PC with Avot mV. It seamlessly searches the video clip you want. watch unlimited number of videos with intuitive user interface. Watch what you want! organize your favorite videos by creating a myFavs playlist of your favorite videos which you can watch anytime you want!
Avot mV offers you a great mobile experience that allows you to search and play your favorite video clips directly,excellently and seamlessly from various video sharing sites. The Avot mV solution allows users to browse through the aggregated video channels and directory of billions of videos from video sharing sites. Also, the users have the option of organizing video playlists using Avot mV making your mobile phone a video jukebox on the go.
You can go to the website and can download the mobile browser and from that browser you can watch videos from all over the internet. you can organise your playlists,favourites etc here using the mobile browser.
More over Avot.mV is free to use. The download charges purely depends on your network provider.other than that there will be no charges from Avot.mV, it's cool right?
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Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Squircle

Oh, this is the Squircle. Not only the product with the lowest score on the, but the product one we felt less love for than all our televisions editor feels for his PC. This MP3 player, is complete with zero megabytes of internal memory and lump of design, had the power to sit on shelves asking for money.

This MP3 player uses some SD cards to store music. If you don't, don't shout just yet. While an MP3 player running on removable media sounds moderately useful, bear in your mind it sounds about as pleasant as a baby seal being clubbed to the death. Why such a product even exists is utterly beyond our combined comprehension.This is one among the terrifying tech products for the past 100 years .Meet you soon with another cool terrible tech product..bye

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fujitsu Siemens thinks green

Hi friends , the Siemens is currently working on a prototype 22″ LCD monitor that comes with built-in solar panels working in tandem with a capacitor and special relay to reduce power usage when on standby. Heck, theoretically it ought to be able to operate in zero consumption mode for five days on standby. When it is active, this prototype LCD monitor takes up a mere 0.6-0.9W of electricity. Fujitsu Siemens is hoping that this new green technology will be used in TVs too, as it prepares to do some roll out with an improved, consumer-ready version of its prototype sometime in Q2 2008.
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Friday, July 3, 2009


The BEST: The Palm Centro sheds some of the weight and bulk of Palm Treo to make for a more compact smartphone. It also carries an attractive price tag and offers a lot for the money, including Bluetooth, EV-DO support, push e-mail, and a suite of productivity apps.

The WORST: The Centro's QWERTY keyboard is extremely cramped and the hardware feels a bit toylike. The phone's speaker is on the weaker side, and it lacks Wi-Fi.

The bottom line: The Palm Centro isn't the innovative product we were looking for from the company, but with its slimmer size, ease of use, and affordable price tag, the Centro is a good option for those looking for their first smartphone.

Specs: OS provided: Palm OS 5.4.9; Wireless connectivity: IrDA,; Bluetooth; Talk time: 210 min
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Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Hi all, It may have some competition for the title, but Taiwan's Misumi seems willing to take its own chances and has gone out and also claimed that its new MO-R803 camera is, in fact, the world's smallest. While that distinction seems unlikely to stick for long, the camera is certainly tiny, measuring just 4.4 mm in diameter and 15 mm in length, with a cool bendable "snake" attached to it to keep you from losing it. Of course, you all will have to make do with a 320x240 resolution, but you will get your choice of standard or wide-angle lenses. No words on what it costs, but those willing to order 'em in bulk it can apparently get in touch with Misumi for a quote. So try this once.
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