Monday, July 13, 2009

Nokia 6263

Hi this is the new mobile from NOKIA .This t -mobile had many facilities that will be attractive.The bad news about this mobile is that they still don't have a 3G network available for their customers to use them on. The newest addition to this product line for the missing service is the latest one called Nokia 6263. Eventually, the phone will support 1700MHz UMTS network. The Samsung T 639 was the first phone in this product line. Really a great advantage right ? .It's a clamshell with music features and dedicated controls. It also has stereo Bluetooth, an FM radio, and a micro-SD for added capacity. The phone should be available from T-Mobile any day any where, but they have yet to put a price on this piece. As for the 3G network, we should finally see it roll out early in 2008. That should be just in time for the company to fall behind the rest of the companies again as other companies get their 4G networks rolling strong. Hope you will like this mobile


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