Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sony Ericsson W715

Hi all, Introducing the advanced wireless connectivity combined with the Sony Ericsson’s best in class audio experience, the W715 Walkman phone. Building an array of some innovative launches in 2008, Sony Ericcson announces a new, cool product into its mobile music range. With some quick access to the navigation services through a dedicated key, it opens up the world of easy navigation to bring something that is new in the year 2009. Sony Ericsson announces that soon the Vodafone customers will be able to use the GPS enabled W715 Walkman phone to make the most of the location based services.
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ASUS released EeeTop ET1602

Hi all, ASUS on friday released Eee Top ET1602, which is the all in one touch screen computer that boasts the full functionality of a regular desktop. Equipped with a cool 15.6” five wired resistive touch panels, the new Eee Top ET1602 enables users to manage what they see on the screen by applying a direct pressure with their fingertips, which is greatly enhancing the interactivity and also the simplicity of performing daily computing tasks.

This ASUS’ specially developed finger friendly interface is reportedly very good, particularly the audio,video and picture browsers which you can see in the gallery below, but step outside of that and you are back with Windows XP. Expect to be whipping out the stylus , which hides in a slot built into the Sony esque keyboard regularly, if you want somethingto avoid the mouse.
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Friday, February 27, 2009


Hi all, this is a new software tool called as KeyScrambler that defeats keyloggers easily by encrypting everything you type at the kernel driver level and by decrypting it at the destination application easily, giving the Keyloggers entirely in decipherable keys to record on it. This is amazing right ? Here after you do not have to get scared for keylogger threats. please try this tool and escape from key logger threats. This tool will help you all for sure. use it and enjoy friends. All the best for you all. You can protect your selves from security computers also easily !
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Samsung WB500 10 MP Digital Camera

Hi all , this is the new digi cam from Samsung. The compactness and the powerful zoom wide angle are definitely in the spotlight all over the world early this 2009, which will perhaps not to the liking of a long Panasonic models alone in this niche with a cool series of Lumix and TZ. The competition starts with HZ1 Samsung, the Olympus Mju 9000 or the Samsung WB500. So with this zoom of such a good and amazing magnitude can hardly do without a stabilizer, and thus no surprise that there is a dual system in it that is implemented in the WB500.
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Sony Ericsson W902 in India

Hi all, the Sony Ericsson W902 has a lot of stuff in it that are going in its favor. It has a great display in the front that is only limited by it's size. The phone is very sleek and light weighted with great multimedia capabilties inside. The back side camera just sweetens the experience in a Walkman phone. The Sony Ericsson needs to consider bringing in refreshing some new designs. The price is definitely on the higher side as it lacks both the features like GPS and the WiFi.
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Thursday, February 26, 2009

ASUS to launch gaming laptop

Hi all, ASUS has recently announced about it's launch of its new G50V gaming laptop in the Indian markets. This particular gaming Laptop is a nice one and meant for all the gaming freaks out there who want to enjoy that ultimate gaming performance along with a perfect computing acquaintance over all. The cool features of this laptop are as follows ,
  • This laptop equips the Nvidia GeForce 9700M GT graphics processor.
  • Having 512MB of dedicated GDDR3 memory.
  • It Offers you a complete gaming experience.
  • A good 15.6-inch LCD screen.
  • Extremely sharp and also enhanced Graphic effects.
  • Exclusive crystal screen technology
  • Includes Republic of Gamers backpack
  • The cool Gaming mouse with real time sensitive adjustment inside it.
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The All in One Memory Card Reader

Hi all ,this gadget probably would have been better to show before the Valentine’s Day, but it’s still a cute little and amazing card reader. It would be great for anyone who doesn’t want to be stuck with a plain boring USB drive that is used so far. Which I am sure covers a great deal of people, but they have to not mind sweet romantic prints over it. Although it does feature a bright red heart in it, I, surprisingly, don’t really see the design as a sweet one.

So that’s probably because it almost has a retro tattoo style design in it. Since it is just a card reader, it’s really not going to have anything special other than the design over it. It doesn’t whip up a fresh cup of coffee or do cool flips to keep you entertained and awake at your work. It is convenient though since it reads MicroSD, MMC micro, MiniSD, XD, MMC-mobile, MMC- Plus, M2, MS Duo and also SD cards. It also has the extra bonus by being actually in expensive. You can purchase this gadget for $7.99 . Try it !
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Hi all, the Street lights are probably one of the biggest energy wasters that I can think of these days. Don’t get me wrong, because there is always some one out in the middle of the night who needs a little bit of illumination to find their way towards home. However, no one in their right mind would leave a light on all night when it is only needed for a few minutes in the night in case people are going.
This is why a few towns in the countries like Germany have invented the Dial 4 Light. This is a system that allows the user to turn on the street lights with their mobile phone. Once they have dialed up to turn the light on, the light will automatically go off after about 15- 20 minutes. This is amazing right ? use this and enjoy !
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009



Hi all, UnHackMe - First Boot Watch Anti Root kit in the world. Now it is the must have tool for you! This UnHackMe is specially designed to detect and remove Rootkits . A root kit is a program that a hacker uses to mask intrusion and obtain administrator level access to a computer or a computer network. The intruder installs a root kit on a computer using a user action or by exploiting a known vulnerability or cracking the password. The root kit installs a backdoor giving the hacker a full control of the computer. It hides their files, also registry keys, and the process names, and network connections from your eyes. So try this software and enjoy !
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Super Internet TV


Hi all, this is the Super Internet TV that allows you to watch more than 1900 live television channels and listen upto 5000+ online radio stations from more than100 countries. There is no need for using a TV Tuner card because all the channels are streamed through your Internet connection itself. For most TV and Radio channels a modem speed of 56Kb/s is more than enough , for the broadband TV stations you need upto 300 Kb/s. This software comes with automatic TV station updates so it will never be out of date and so do not worry about it. If you are interested in learning languages or any alternative programming, this is a good choice for you!
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TENqa wireless speakers -bluetooth

Hi all ,the Bluetooth technology is a real boon, as it helps free us from the old tyranny of tangles and also a wired mess, especially in case headphones are concerned all over the world. Well, this Tenqa SP 01 Blue tooth Wireless Speaker comes with an extremely compact design that helps and makes it a snap to fit into just about any of the home, and there is no need for you to live in place like mansion since it would do very well in a cramped apartment also. It will be Perfect for those who want a personal audio system sans wires, as they will get to enjoy wireless music from a suitably-equipped iPod, MP3 player, personal computer or a small ,cute cell phone. There is no word on thepricing, but these should hit the market very soon.
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Friday, February 20, 2009

Gigabyte's Gsmart

Hi all, Gigabyte has unveiled it's smart phone called as the GSmart S1200 at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in the city of central Barcelona. This phone is completely flash based and runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 with a free upgrade to 6.5 when it is released. This new S1200 is featured with a cool 3.1-inch WVGA touch screen and also equipped with a 3 megapixel camera with auto focus function inside it. It is available in chromed trim with the measurement of 105.5 x 52 x 11.4 mm, this GSmart S1200 is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2009 and the price is not yet known officially.
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Canon Digital ELPH Camera

Hi all, the Canon will launch the Canon Power Shot SD970 IS Digital ELPH Camera soon in 2009. This camera is featured with some Zoom Blur, cool and Creative Light Effect that will be able to produce fun and also some original effects. The Zoom Blur allows you users to zoom during high level exposure, thus providing a haze like effect to the images. While, this Creative Light Effect allows the user to shoot some cool pictures by converting the light from the light bulbs and also sparks from fireworks into various shapes, such as stars and as well as hearts. Try this and enjoy !
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Adtec Bluetooth Wristband

Hi all, the Adtec, a Japanese company, has released another cool and amazing wearable device, i.e. the cool Bluetooth wristband. It also enables hands free communication, best of the all, which will likely make you soon to see someone talking to his own hand. This company suggests that it will be useful for hands free communication whilst fishing or jogging.This cool wristband is equipped with speaker, good volume control and a call easy answer button. Once it’s connected to your phone via some Bluetooth, it will give you up to 5 hours of playback capacity and also talk time. This cool device enables you to switch to the speaker phone, missed calls notification and also call refused function. You can use it for $65.
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Moving to Alaska

Hi my dear friends , how are you all? I am going to share with you all something that is cool and amazingly interesting to read out. I am sharing with you all a cool stuff here and I hope you all will be get benefited from this. I am going to share with you all a website called as www. Blog. Upack. Com which is doing an U pack service online. If you are really interested in this , please visit this website and get benefited. This website will help you all in moving goods from Alaska to other regions easily. Try this military moves and get benefited.

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Hi all, I reckon this is the coolest ever digital picture frame I have seen in my view. It has all the usual things abd features that you would expect from a digital frame. It includes clock and alarm function that also accepts multiple media card formats, MP3 player, etc..

This digital frame is also Wi-Fi enabled so that you can pull pictures from GMail, Flicker or you can also email them directly to the digital frame. You can use the Windows Live to display News, Weather and also traffic info and also something that I’ve not seen on a digital frame before is it’s touch screen facility so setting up and entering your wireless information should be a lot less fiddly.Try this for $240 .
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Hi all, this is to inform you all that some of the mobile companies are going to release some new models soon. So, if you are interested in buying some mobiles , then please wait for some time and try the new models . This is really a nice chance to get some cool models online. Also the korean models are going to get banned in India soon and so dont try those Korean models. Think before doing !
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The Targus USB Hub

Hi friends, if you are constantly traveling place to places and you have to take tech devices that can handle the constant packing and as well as unpacking, then this will help you all. This USB hub from Targus was designed for the Mac users and it is designed to put up with a decent amount of abuse. It is not only featuring nice clean lines and also a great look overall, but also have some ways to make sure that the USB ports stay clean and it won't accumulate any dirt or crumbs.

The cord to hook towards the hub up to your Mac can be wrapped around this hub for storage. When you wrap this cord around it, then it also covers up the ports to keep them clean. Which is what makes this USB so much better for traveling.You can get it for $24.
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MSI-BK100 Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

Hi all, this is the new MSI BK100 low keycap notebook keyboard which is bluetooth based that comes with just 65 keys which doesn’t sound much, but this will do the job pretty well and good. It operates on 2.40GHz and  as well as 2.4835GHz frequencies across some 79 channels, that is  ensuring that you will be able to use it as no matter how many people there are in a room who’re Bluetoothing at a same time. This is Powered by a couple of AAA batteries, which is the MSI BK100 Foldable Universal Bluetooth Keyboard’s greatest strength and it's ability to fold up into something that’s well super compact. The price seems to be around $54 .
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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Camera hidden in a belt buckle

Hi all , this is amazingly interesting. If you are a spy, then this is a cool stuff to have . This is a cool gadget for the people who are spying and this is really interesting to see. This gadget is a simple belt with a camera hidden inside. This is amazing right?. So ,if you want to take video in a secret way , then this camera hidden belt will help you all for sure. This belt is a needed one and so try to buy this belt and use it in a nice and good way !
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