Thursday, February 26, 2009

The All in One Memory Card Reader

Hi all ,this gadget probably would have been better to show before the Valentine’s Day, but it’s still a cute little and amazing card reader. It would be great for anyone who doesn’t want to be stuck with a plain boring USB drive that is used so far. Which I am sure covers a great deal of people, but they have to not mind sweet romantic prints over it. Although it does feature a bright red heart in it, I, surprisingly, don’t really see the design as a sweet one.

So that’s probably because it almost has a retro tattoo style design in it. Since it is just a card reader, it’s really not going to have anything special other than the design over it. It doesn’t whip up a fresh cup of coffee or do cool flips to keep you entertained and awake at your work. It is convenient though since it reads MicroSD, MMC micro, MiniSD, XD, MMC-mobile, MMC- Plus, M2, MS Duo and also SD cards. It also has the extra bonus by being actually in expensive. You can purchase this gadget for $7.99 . Try it !